Selecting the Right Agent

I’m a Professional SELLER’S AGENT

For SELLERS the most important consideration when selecting an agent is whether the agent specializes in your local area. Despite the plethora of information that exists about the housing market online, there is no substitute for the local knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional. A local agent will know more about the homes in the area, interact with buyers in the neighborhood and exchange information with other local real estate professionals. The agent you hire should have a comprehensive marketing program for your home, and provide specific pricing recommendations that are aligned with your goals.

As an agent who specializes in your area, I bring all of these attributes to the table.

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I’m a Professional BUYER’S AGENT

With all the information about homes listed for sale on the Internet, why do you need a buyer’s agent? The Internet is good at providing raw data, but you need a professional who can analyze the information and apply it to your specific situation.

As your professional buyer’s agent, I track the local housing market and provide you with personalized recommendations and advice. The knowledge I bring to the search and negotiation process can save you money, time and frustration.

My goal is to assist you in finding the home that best fits your needs.

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I’m a Professional SENIOR SELLER’S AGENT

In California, Proposition 60 was passed to enable homeowners over 55 to transfer their property tax basis to a property of comparable or lower value. So, if you’re ready for a new living arrangement, you can preserve your low property tax bill when you move to a new home, condo or owner-occupied retirement community. Your tax advisor can give you more details on this exciting program.

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I’m truly your Local Neighborhood Specialist, Actively Licensed for 25 years, Investor and Developer for 30 years.


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